Lies, Damned Lies, and Partisan Hacks

Yeah, yeah, I’m talking about Don Surber. Again. Because, you know, thinking is like hard and stuff.

Don, using the headline “Don’t Quit the Day Job Nancy,” quotes an email that says:

If you listened to the MSM you’d swear that it was Pelosi. As false as most of their impressions are, you’d be wrong listening to them again.

Today’s approval numbers via Rasmussen are:

45% approval for Bush
43% approval for Pelosi

Another MSM conventional wisdom flushed down the toilet.

Oh, if only it were so. Let’s make a couple of observations, shall we?

First, the survey regarding Bush deals with “job approval,” while the survey regarding Nancy Pelosi deals with whether or not the surveyed individual has a favorable or unfavorable opinion of the new Speaker. While there may be some similarity between the two, the topics are not the same and thus to use them as a point of comparison is a bit silly.

Second, so long as we’re being silly and playing the role of partisan hack, let’s look at the flip side of the survey results. Bush’s job disapproval stands at 54%, while the unfavorable opinion of Pelosi is only 39%. That’s a pretty striking difference in contrast to the 2% bump Bush has in the first instance (nevermind that Bush’s approval ratings have remained pretty constant over the last year, while Pelosi is on the way up).

So, Surber could just as easily have written a headline like “Nancy Pelosi Less Unpopular Than Bush by 15%” and have been just as “correct” and “meaningful.”

Which is to say: not very.

Update: Eugene Volokh notices the same thing, which leads Instapundit to do the same.

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