Yes, but a Doctor of What?

I think it says something about theology as a legitimate academic area of study when the commenters, believer and atheist alike, on a Newsweek religion piece offer more substantial thought and commentary than Dr. Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite, the President of Chicago Theological Seminary.

My personal favorite comes from Chester:

I think the main problem with the thoughts expressed by Dr. Thistlethwaite can be summed up with this one question: What the heck are you talking about? Everything about the big religions reeks of made up nonsense. How can an intelligent person pose these questions in sincerity? Horrors happen and the most profound question you can ask is “What role does my imaginary friend play in all this?” I just don’t understand.

I would also add that Dr. Thistlethwaite, while she seems quite genuine in her beliefs, wrote a lot of words that didn’t really say anything. But, then again, that’s kind of like any answer involving myths and deities.

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