2006 Ford Fusion: A Year Later

It’s been almost one year since I traded in the 1996 Mazda MX-6 for a 2006 Ford Fusion SEL. Have I been happy with my purchase?

For the most part, yes.

Things I like / love / appreciate about the Fusion: comfortable leather seats with bum-warmers, plenty of room for the family, terrific handling during the few emergency situations I’ve encountered, good optional sound system, spacious trunk that could hold a number of enemies should the need ever arise, tires that make the guy at Discount Tire Co. salivate when he thinks of my having to replace them, and very good highway gas mileage for car of its size and engine type.

Now, for the few drawbacks:

  • It really should come with a factory option for a GPS navigation system. At least for the 2006 model year, you had to buy the Lincoln Zephyr or Mercury Milan to get one, even though the Fusion’s center console is identical and could handle one. It appears that this has been corrected in the 2007 model.

  • While the MP3 disc capability is nice, I wish I could plug in an MP3 player or a laptop to have access to more music / podcasts / recordings of strange bird calls from faraway lands. Once again, this appears to have been resolved for the 2007 Fusion.

  • I’ve picked up a couple small rattles that strike off and on. One of them is in the front passenger door when on well-worn interstate highways at speeds around 20-30MPH (aka a typical afternoon in downtown Denver). The other is somewhere behind the instrument panel and becomes noticeable when the car is stuck in the 1500RPM range, rather than accelerating through it to highway speeds. Neither one is a huge nuisance, and I plan to take it in before the warranty is up to have them (I hope) found.

  • Those tires I love? They positively suck in winter weather. Not that they were designed for making it up icy driveways, of course. So, not faulting Ford or the tire maker for that one – just putting it out there as fair warning.

  • The A/C controls are clunky and designed for either women or men with very petite hands.

  • Twenty or thirty more horses under the hood, please.
Those gripes aside, I don’t regret my purchase, but there’s eight or nine more years ahead in which I might. Currently, though, the Fusion and its brethren could be just what Ford needs to effect a turnaround.

Among other things.

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