Nifong: Throwing Lies at the Wall

to see which one sticks:

To press forward in the Duke University lacrosse case, District Attorney Mike Nifong must rely on scanty evidence while deflecting serious questions about whether he broke the law or violated the ethics rules governing prosecutors.

Nifong has acknowledged that the case now hangs on what the accuser says from the witness stand in a hearing scheduled for February.

Perhaps the accuser could just cycle through the 492 different variations of her story while on the stand. They raped me in every orifice! Well, ok, maybe just two of them! I didn’t have sex with anyone in the days leading up to the attack! Oh, that “DNA” in my panties and my hoohah? Uhhhh. Why isn’t their DNA anywhere on me? It’s a Christmas miracle!

If they found 12 people dumb enough to let OJ walk, surely they can lock up three privileged white devils. I mean, screw ethics when Nifong’s good name is on the line, right?

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