Walkin’ in a Winter Wonderland*

Should you want to laugh at our meteorological misfortune, you can check out the 9News web cams to see the winter storm rolling across the Denver metro area this morning (and, we’re told, all through the day… and into tomorrow).

Update: Lots more CDOT cams.

Update 2: So, I went out of the house this morning to find the garbage can had snow on top of it.

The problem, you see, is that my garbage can is in my garage.

From somewhere up high, snow is blowing in to the garage. I assume either some flashing has pulled away, or some shingles, or maybe – this being a cookie-cutter house – the whole damn garage has sunk away from the main building ever so slightly. I suppose I’ll have to wait a few days to find out.

Update 3: The view from my house at 10am… and the weather dude said the fun has just begun. Huzzah!


* Because driving isn’t much of an option at the moment.

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