My Kingdom for a DVD

Hey, kids, who wants a free video?

Trade your soul for a DVD! All you have to do is post a video of yourself to youtube, stating that you deny the holy spirit, and you’ll get a copy of The God Who Wasn’t There.

More details at Blasphemy Challenge.

I don’t have a webcam anymore, so I can’t make the video, but – yeah – ok, I deny the holy spirit – I do! – and now, thanks to Mark 3:29, I’m doomed to hell for all eternity. Even if I were to earn billions of dollars and feed the world’s hungry, I’d still be going to a land down under.

However, if I hadn’t typed that line about the holy spirit, I could go out and kill millions, apologize to Jesus with a sincere heart (because, really, I’m not the type to kill millions), and go right to Heaven as a good Christian governor executes me in one of his state’s prisons.

Yeah, that’s a sane belief system.

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