Science: Wrong Again!

Ha, take that Mr. Smarty-Pants Scientist!

Detailed observations from the first comet samples returned to Earth are debunking some of science’s long-held beliefs on how the icy, celestial bodies form.

Scientists expected the minute grains retrieved from a comet Wild 2 to be made up mostly of interstellar dust – tiny particles that flow through the solar system thought to be from ancient stars that exploded and died.

Instead, they found an unusual mix of primordial material as if the solar system had turned itself inside out. Hot particles from the inner solar system migrated out to the cold, outer fringes beyond Pluto where they intermingled and congealed to form a comet.

Well, I guess that makes it clear that evolution is false and creationism is true because, really, if science was wrong about this, can it really be right about anything?

I bet the satellites fall from the sky tomorrow!

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