Change of Tone

You know, I think I’ve grown tired of blogging in a style that is mean, insulting, mocking, and cynical toward my fellow humans. Perhaps I need a break, a change of pace, some posi-blogging.

Rainbows sure are pretty.

OK, that was fun. Back to being me.

Wait, wait: Maybe that brief pondering of rainbows has left me a changed man (no, I’ve not turned gay or nothin’, so don’t you ladies worry your pretty little heads, ’cause I heard that collective sigh of grief when you read that first bit and, you know, it touched me in lots of ways tingly places).

Uh, anyway, so yeah – I’m out and about, stopping off at Total Beverage (pronounce that like it’s French – “bev-er-‘�zh” – sounds posh that way) to buy some of this when I notice that the cashier, a woman probably about my age, has a GED study guide at her register.

The old me would have thought “Wow, little bit late for that, sister.” But – no! – the new me thought “That’s really great to see someone trying to make up for the bad decisions or misfortunes of their youth. Good for you!”

I would have said it out loud, but then that would be just another one of you womenfolk crushing on me, and – well – there are only so many manhours in one Andy-day.

See, I’m a new man!

Wait, Wait… Wait: I think I need to do a quick flip back to the old me, to point out this further bit of DonSurberian Wisdom in response to some of his lefty commenters supporting the Iraq Study Group’s findings:

So lefties support imperialism, a bunch of white-haired old men 10,000 miles away deciding what is right for brown-skinned people

I am totally not surprised.

Whereas the Bush administration deciding what was right for the people of Iraq was… um… hmmm.

And pulling OUT of a country is imperialism in the sense of… errr… ummmm.

Also, it’s more like a little over 6000 miles from Washington, DC to Baghdad.

Such dazzling powers! Did you ever know that you’re my heeeeerrrooooo….?

OK, back to the “nice” me.

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