No, I am Not Tempting Google, Why do You ask?

Is this the part where I write about Britney Spears and Paris Hilton partying together, and Britney not having on underwear, and it being caught on camera for all the world to see? Britney’s privates, bingo bango bongo.

I’m just glad that motherhood has slowed her down and made her a more responsible adult, because nothing says “I should have custody of K-Fed’s children” more than going out on the town and getting hammered sans Hanes-for-Her (not that a wealthy lass like Ms. Spears would wear the underwear of mere commoners, but I was going for “artsy” and “literary”).

Let’s be fair though: perhaps Britney’s unmentionables were still drying on the line outside her double-double-double-double-double-double-wide (so that would be…what? A double-wide to the sixth power? How big is that?).

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