My Arab Brothers Must Be Innocent

Egypt continues to dispute the findings of the NTSB’s report on the crash of EgyptAir 990.

The NTSB’s conclusion is that copilot Gameel El-Batouty caused the disaster by, while alone in the cockpit, disconnecting the autopilot, reducing engine power, and pointing the plane towards the ocean – all the while, calmly repeating the phrase “I rely on God.”

Egypt maintains that it was most likely a mechanical problem with the 767 – nevermind that there is no evidence to indicate such, and there is evidence to indicate that El-Batouty counteracted the captain’s efforts to save his doomed plane.

Maybe he just wanted to get a closer look at that beautiful Nantucket ocean view.

Not to paint Arabs with too broad a brush but a larger issue is why are Arabs so reluctant to think that another Arab could ever do wrong? Didn’t September 11 show that simply being Arab and Muslim isn’t some badge of honor that keeps you on the moral straight and narrow?

Oh, wait, that’s right – many of them think Israel carried out the WTC attack too… Admittedly, the Arab nations have gotten some pretty bad press of late, but this head in the sand routine grows old.

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