E.T. – The Edited Terrestrial

Today marks the 20th anniversary release of E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial. While we’re sure it’s still the same heartwarming tale of a squooshyheaded (see Ann Coulter reference below) alien turning on his heart light, Spielberg felt compelled to make some edits for this release. Edits which, in our self-important opinion, are silly.

Digitally removing guns from the hands of government agents chasing an alien to replace them with walkie-talkies? We’ve seen the X-Files, damnit, and we know that agents always break out the guns when they are chasing aliens, vampires, and other creepy-crawlies. Seriously though, what’s the harm in showing government agents properly using the tools of the trade? You may hate handguns – that’s perfectly fine – but agents do, in fact, use them. No wanted person has ever been stopped by pointing a walkie-talkie at them.

Second – this change had apparently been made for the video release as well – what is the point in having the mother tell her son he can’t go out on Halloween looking like a terrorist, and then changing “terrorist” to “hippie.” Spielberg says it’s due to the current post-9/11 environment, and while his heart may be in the right place, if the kid looked like a terrorist, he looked like a terrorist. Or is he saying that hippies look like terrorists?

Also, in this post-9/11 country of ours, it isn’t exactly cool to be a pacifist hippie either.

Peace, out, people.

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