Alabama Enters the 21st Century

Ha, ha, fooled you – didn’t we? Alabama’s Judicial Inquiry Commission has dismissed a complaint by the Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund, filed in response to Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore’s 45-page decision declaring a lesbian woman an unfit mother. The uproar was over Moore’s decision to include his uncalled for personal views on homosexuality alongside any legal issues which impacted his decision. The eloquent Chief Justice described homosexuality as “detestable,” “abhorrent,” and “an inherent evil.” However, as detailed in the story, in a letter to the LLDEF, the Commission said they do not act against judges for statements made in their opinions unless there is evidence of “ill will.”

Perhaps here at WWR we’re a bit slow, but disparaging the sexuality of perhaps 160,000 of his constituents strikes us as a pretty clear sign of – if not ill will – at least some serious loathing which might remove any and all vestiges of impartiality. As a judge, Roy Moore has an obligation to remove himself from any case in which he deems he cannot be impartial – and, alongside that, the Commission has an obligation to not talk out of their backside.

Somehow, we doubt either of those is likely to happen.

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