Someone Forgot Their Medication

Ann Coulter’s latest rambling diatribe attempts to link homosexuality to all the evils of the world, espouses the Boy Scouts as the last bastion of heterosexual perfection, and then brings it all the way around to Matt Lauer. See the connection? Neither do we.

First, Ann – pumpkin – yes, priests have been known to molest young boys – is it because they are homosexuals? Nevermind that there is no strong correlation between one’s adult sexual orientation and the sex of a child that they might abuse (go on, check out the psych sites). Nevermind that priests don’t exactly get to spend their time hanging out with altar GIRLS (except in the most liberal of Catholic Churches). Second, there are plenty of homosexuals still in the Boy Scouts who dare not come out of the closet because of bigots like yourself – they were there before the hoohah started, and they’re still there. And they still aren’t turning Scouting into a membership drive for NAMBLA as your homophobic paranoia would have you believe. Third, your comparison of the sex drive to alcoholism and smoking is absurd – one of the three is a biological drive hardwired into the human animal, the others are vices chosen by an individual that actually can change body chemistry to ensure that the habit is continued. We leave you to figure out which is which. Speaking of vices, when did you start smoking crack?

There’s so much to rant about in your column, but the more educated readers can probably see your irrationality without the WWR pointing it out. Oh, and your picture on that website makes you look like you’ve got a bad case of SquooshyHead. So there.

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