How Much Is That Doggy Mauling Me in the Hallway?

The verdict is in, guilty on all counts in the canine mauling death of Diane Whipple. Our favorite piece of the article:

“It’s not my fault,” Knoller said in a TV interview that was played for the jury. “Ms. Whipple had ample opportunity to move into her apartment. She could have just slammed the door shut. I would have.”

That’s right – blame the victim! And if shooting victims had just dodged the bullets, they’d be alive – after all, I would certainly dodge. It couldn’t possibly be your fault, Ms. Knoller, for owning two huge dogs known for their ferocity, that had menaced neighbors in the past, and that were trouble waiting to happen, now could it?

If complete stupidity were a crime, we’d slap that on to the offense of which you’ve already been convicted.

Good riddance.

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