Stupid People Frustrate Us

BBC Talking Point is the most frustrating thing in the world. We’re continually fascinated by the opinions of the readership, but sometimes would like to pick these people up and shake them till their brains work. For instance, under the “forum” entitled Should the UK send more troops to Afghanistan?, we have the following gem:

“Britain should NOT send troops to Afghanistan. It is NOT our war. However terrible the events of September the Eleventh were the country of Afghanistan did NOT instigate them.”

We are so damned sick of hearing idiots say “this is not our war. This is America’s war.” Were these cretins asleep when they covered the basic commonality of values between Europe and America? Do they think that if they stay out of it, the Islamic fundamentalists will just ignore them? Have they not heard all the propaganda coming out of Islamic extremists about the Decadent West? Idiots.

Yes, there are a lot of opinions supporting the US, but the (relatively) few posts condemning the war in Afghanistan are infuriating. We’re all about free speech (yada, yada, yada), but that doesn’t mean we can’t call it stupid.

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