Double Standards

Not to pick on Amnesty International (well, ok, maybe a little), but they’ve gone and done it again. Someone needs to get these shmucks a new PR person.

From this article regarding France’s views on that poor, misunderstood youth, Zacarias Moussaoui – also known as the 20th hijacker – we see that Amnesty International has jumped into the fray, supporting the French position to withhold information should Mr. Moussaoui face the death penalty. Also, from their own website, we see that they are encouraging their members to use the case of Moussaoui to protest the U.S. government’s handling of tracking down suspected terrorists within its own borders.

So, let’s see – we get the goods on a guy who was planning to hijack a plane full of innocent people and then crash it into a building full of equally innocent people, and putting him to death is a “very bad thing”… but if you’re a Nigerian woman, Amnesty International just wants to make sure you get a fair trial before that rock cracks open your skull.


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