True Colors

Amnesty International showed their true colors this week. This is an organization that has virtually creamed themselves with delight anytime they can point a finger at the United States for any trivial violation of what they deem to be human rights. I’ll be the first to admit that the United States isn’t perfect, but let’s examine the story of Safiya Hussaini – a Nigerian woman who is on the verge of being buried up to her neck and then having large stones smashed into her skull until she dies a bloody death for the crime of… (gasp)… getting some nookie on the side. Yes, under Islamic sharia law, she must be stoned to death if she is convicted of adultery. And what do our pick-and-choose friends at Amnesty International say about all of this? Well, one Mr. George Ngwa, had this to say

“We are not for or against sharia law, but we are campaigning for a process based on fair trial where a suspect is allowed basic rights such as access to a lawyer and the ability to speak out in his or her own defense.”

Stop the presses! Is this what I am hearing from a group that bitches, moans, and whines about the United States as if we’re some oppressive regime of tyrants? Claiming to not have sense enough to be FOR or AGAINST sharia law would be like the friendly folks here at WorldWideRant saying that “we are not for or against tossing cuddly babies into vats of boiling tar for shits and giggles.”

Anyone with a goddamned active brain cell could see that sharia law is barbaric, horrid, and wholly unfit for proper civilization. What’s that? You want to get drunk and be in public? Well, son, here’s your 80 lashes! Yet, Amnesty International would rather chastise the United States for the smallest of infractions while turning their collective head to the barbarism of Islamic fundamentalism. We should all be appropriately disgusted.

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